Enjoy life's basic necessity in its entirety. From nighttime rituals in anticipation of tucking into an inviting bed to lingering longer in the mornings in a luxuriously personal space -- we're passionate about making your sleep experience an integral part of a life lived fully.

Pillows this huggable have got to be Plohs

The soft resiliency of down & the gentle support of feathers fill the finely stitched and piped cotton ticking. Made with high regard for quality and a whole lot of love, a pillow by any other name is just a pillow.

Delight in the details

Sumptuous pillows and exquisite sheets all get the detail treatment - fine stitching, perfect corners, French seams. Hand-finished, distinctive bedding -- understated, but you'll know it.

Whisper light, cloud like, heaven sent

Marvelous down clusters from the white goose fill our pillows and duvets for an experience to be coveted. Geese definitely come from up above.

Comfort and cheer

Combine nature's Egyptian cotton and our passion for things that feel good and what do you get? Inviting bedlinens that both soothe and uplift.

Plohs turn ordinary sleeping spaces into personal havens

The finest hotels and residences around the world are in the know - the most intimate of personal spaces are made luxurious with plohs.

Specially made

Our curated offering is ready to please. And when there's a need for something special, we like to please there too. Inquire at [email protected].